Weekend weather (not wintertime). 
I couldn’t move for four minutes and forty three seconds. 
This winks sinisterily “have a good night”. 
My favorite is music with guitars. 
I really painted myself into a corner by having a description for everything, didn’t I? 
Sharp and soft. 
This song is better if it’s playing twice, but not quite at the same time. 
Reality’s tight if the music is right. 
I may or may not be dancing dramatically in slow motion. 
Music for burning airports. 
Tension can be nice. 
What do you think you’re doing? 
The best parts are in between the good parts. 
Hey, this sounds like the Thermals guy. 
Oh boy. 
Rosie plays jazz on the trombone. 
Good hot summer pop rock. 
Really good melodies that bang inside the head. 
Dream rock from Tijuana. 
Tasty either way. 
Morphing softness that gets in all the cracks. 
Don’t make me destroy you. 
Man, that album art is excellent, and the music too! 
I had a hard time with this one last year.