Oh my gosh. 
What is language? 
I too am an alien. 
One of a sort. 
Dance like a bathtub. 
True love! 
Song is called knees. 
Folk punk rips from London, UK. 
It is necessary to listen to this song before the one after. 
I adore who? 
We are all villians. 
I got a blade of grass with your name on it. 
Music for hauling appliances up stairs. 
America song! 
Almost hot out! 
Chainsaw kraut punk from London, UK. 
Worth waiting around. 
Music for practicing magic tricks while the kids are asleep. 
I live for when Danish moshpit bands start doing ballads. 
A carpet for the outdoors. 
Clearing the backlog, beware. 
Ocean swell gospels. 
I just hope that you get to do whatever you want to do. 
Nights in store, hardwood floor. 
Cool blanket, warm night. 
Sounds from the forbidden elevator. 
Life literature. 
Roll with the fruit punches. 
Pitch and catchy. 
Warmth for seasons. 
I lack the perseverance. 
Boom booze lead. 
Click for clack. 
All things are sacred, turns out. 
Let's get back into the swing of things. 
Winter living room sunshine. 
Winding down. 
Feels like a lazy Thursday, no? 
Offbeat, melodic punk charms. 
Breathe in when overwhelmed. 
Uhn tiss uhn tiss! 
Smears of forget from Seattle, WA. 
Listen I had this tab open weeks ago. 
Take me home! 
Sorry for the silence. 
Fuzzy sweet. 
Wall denters from Chicago, IL. 
The preferable kind of catchy. 
Thanks for the nightmares, Joe. 
Excellent for washing hands to. 
Music continues. 
Reprimand conformity in thought and movement. 
Crushed to death by dessert. 
The human voice! 
Ah, lyrics. 
One of those slow burners. (With synth!) 
Dense movement. 
What shiver world is this? 
Heavy after-punk from Los Angeles, CA. 
Wootin' and tootin'. 
I am intimidated by violins. 
The weather outside is genuine. 
Beautiful metal music. 
Snack rock, but a little softer this year. 
Music for prowling earth galaxies. 
Not not good. 
You bet I'm going to post every one. 
More jams from Uruguay by way of Queens. Great. 
Stories are worthwhile, friends. 
Loony punk from Albany, NY. 
Sax alert. 
Sapped by the sway. 
Here come a slew of summer ones. Apologies for the irregularity. 
It's hot out! Prepare your bones. 
Sometimes you need a thunderstorm shield. Sometimes you need a thunderstorm. 
Grooves for humming from Brighton, UK. 
Skate away, fuzzy skaters. 
The world's tallest waterfall is under water. 
I was taking too long to pick a song, so start from the beginning. 
Well I'm off to the grocery store! 
One synth, two synth, red synth, blue synth. 
Sugar doesn't melt. It turns to caramel. 
Who else sings landscapes? 
Thinking about it. 
A bloomin' onion of punk. 
Whisper rock from the UK. 
Creepy catchy. 
Everyone has time for a ninety second song about listerine. 
Reminds me: it's summer! And this one really starts my engine. 
Consistent fuzz. Drops me to the floor. 
An expoding surprise. 
The internet says Shakespeare was born in 1564. 
I like music! 
Cate gets a star. 
The whole thing shakes. 
Slow synth folk from Alabama. 
Alex is ridiculous (and has the moves). 
Two minutes of heat. 
Kirin returns, covering M.I.A. no less. 
My cookie jar has shattered. In the rain. 
Some wobbles can't be denied. 
Yes, but not on an empty stomach. 
Folk from Sweden. Really nice. 
I am a fan of Marika Hackman. 
Have I changed (for the better)? 
Burn slow, slow burner. 
This isn't Deerhunter but it sounds like Deerhunter. 
I apologize I've had these tabs open for so long. 
Groovy punk from Dublin. 
I like the aesthetic of this jubilant math rock. 
Rainy house from Seoul. 
Well, all the geese have bumped right into me. 
I mean, what a day! 
What a day! 
Rad rock from Pittsburgh, PA. 
I'm excited, and so are you. 
Diplo in 2019. 
We all agree it's great. 
Music from the 70s from the 10s! 
Excellent emo from Grand Rapids, MI. 
Snippets of warm friendly R&B/folk/devotional. 
Sugary alt rocks for hitting heads and swaying. 
The internet has grabbed onto our minds! 
Wait maybe my favorite is shoegaze music with guitars. 
Rock and roll! 
I have not encountered a better sound/band name match. 
Poppy shoegaze from Sweden. 
If you're feeling restless. 
Slow beating alt aches. 
Treasure chest bumps. 
Rock and roll from funland. 
Looks like some smiles. 
What do you say when your friendly next door neighbor asks what you're listening to? 
Bangers from a garage on planet Earth. 
Kraut funk fun from Tokyo. 
Nothing is music for constructing furniture; Grouper is music for falling asleep. 
Delightfully catchy with great words too. 
This is a song called "Easy". 
Red eye in photographs is the flash lighting up the inside of the eyeball. 
Rumble roars of folk rock from Sydney, Australia. 
Rad harmonies, screechers. 
Hardcore punk rock. (I'm kidding!) 
Weekend weather (not wintertime). 
I couldn't move for four minutes and forty three seconds. 
This winks sinisterily "have a good night". 
My favorite is music with guitars. 
I really painted myself into a corner by having a description for everything, didn't I? 
Sharp and soft. 
This song is better if it's playing twice, but not quite at the same time. 
Reality's tight if the music is right. 
I may or may not be dancing dramatically in slow motion. 
Music for burning airports. 
Tension can be nice. 
What do you think you're doing? Holding up the building? 
The best parts are in between the good parts. 
Hey, this sounds like the Thermals guy. Hey, this _is_ the Thermals guy! 
Oh boy. 
Rosie plays jazz on the trombone. 
Good hot summer pop rock. 
Really good melodies that bang inside the head. 
Dream rock from Tijuana. I like it a lot. 
Tasty either way. 
Morphing softness that gets in all the cracks. 
Don't make me destroy you. 
Man, that album art is excellent, and the music too! 
I had a hard time with this one last year.